Laser Plumbing East Tamaki has worked with many local organisations and businesses. Here are just a few of valued commercial clients.

What our clients have to say

The service guy was excellent friendly and professional please pass on my thanks and keep him on!

David Laumatia

Having owned a business myself, I know complaints come easy. I am writing to rave about your service! I don’t normally use a group trades services. But when I called KP, I knew I found the right place. Customer Service is an art form. It starts from the top, and is easily identified in the first few words of the person who answers the phone. I called to make a appointment and KP ask what worked for me! Then when my wife went into hospital, she rearranged the first appointment in the morning. Same smile in her voice, no attitude no rush. My door bell rang at 7:30 I thought you were coming at 8:30. Jonathan said Good morning I could back if you like! Looked at my leak and explained what he would do and did it. I had some other small issues and he took care of them. Being a plumber is easy, being a professional is something few people ever achieve. It requires being able to do a task while making the customers feel engaged. It is a skill that starts at the top of an organisation and is nurtured and rewarded. If it is your hope that your company can deliver excellence,KP and Johnathan have done you proud. Please mention my compliments to them both. Please show your employees and family as well. This is what all the late nights are about, the skinned knuckles, the constant employee drama. Having moved to NZ from NY I find customer service here lacking. Today LASER was Professional! Finally I asked Johnathan how was it to work at LASER, he used the word Great. Thank you we have had a rough week your service brightened my day.

Tim Henry

Laser Plumbing just completed works for our unit development, this involved thrusting new water lines from the road to each of five units.
Commercial Realty Ltd would recommend Laser Plumbing to our clients. Brad and Charles handled the problem efficiently and made our problem go away. They were a pleasure to deal with in all aspects of the job."

David Turner
Commercial Realty Ltd

Hello Brad, I was impressed that you followed up with me this afternoon. After my initial inquiry and the email your response was excellent and timely and I appreciated the speedy attendance to the job.

I found Ken Turner to be an excellent workman. He made a quick assessment, procured the part needed and settled in to do a meticulous job of the replacement installation. My grandfather was a plumber so I am familiar with the old fashioned thorough way of going about the job of making water-tight joints. Ken did that and went beyond the immediate joints to make sure all was well for an enduring job.

He is personable and relational and builds trust. My faith in your industry has been restored after hearing horror stories in our neighborhood of experiences with new builds.

I am very happy to recommend Laser Plumbing to friends and relations."

Cliff Edmeades



Hi, my name is Mike Morton and I got to know the boys from Laser Plumbing through work that they were doing for us in a commercial sense. When I came to build a home I approached them and asked them if they would like to do the plumbing job there. They provided a full comprehensive quote. What I found with them is that they were great to work with. From a time management point of view when they said they were going to be there, they were there. They were really good at working in with the other trades. I found them both professional in their approach to both their pricing and also their workmanship, if there were any issues they were happy to go and sort it out. They preempted a lot of issues for me, and worked in with other suppliers when they were building the house to make sure things were flowing. They would talked to you on the side if they thought they could do something better than what was written on the plans, but without pushing any better means to do that. I couldn't recommend them enough if you are building a home, or have some commercial work you would like done, call the boys at Laser."

Mike Morton



Hi, I'm Bud Latham from Latham Construction. Our company specialises in top-end houses and large commercial type projects. We have had an association with Marc and Roger and Laser Plumbing East Tamaki for the best part of 10 years now. What we like about Laser Plumbing is that they are great communicators. They deal directly with their clients, which is a real plus for us. All the feedback from our clients is that they're great to deal with, very knowledgeable and all the staff are great people. We have had no problems whatsoever with them. And we thoroughly recommend Laser Plumbing to all our other people in our industry."

Bud Latham
Latham Construction

I would like firstly, to thank your firm for the speedy attention to my plumbing problem. However, I particularly wish to thank your courteous plumber Jonathan who worked very hard, sometimes in foul weather, to complete the task. His workmanship was impeccable and I am very pleased with the end result."




I've known Roger for some 13 to 15 years. First met him when came around to our place when we were renovating our new house. He was full of enthusiasm, had a lot of great ideas and did a fabulous job on all the installations.

Also as an insurance broker, I quite often have need to call on their services in emergencies and it has been fabulous how they have looked after my clients, who have real and urgent needs quite often to do with plumbing leaks and roofing leaks etc, and the whole experience is made simple and easy and it is always a joy to deal with both those guys."

David Parker



Hi, my name is Wayne Moxon and I've been building around the area for nearly 50 years now. And in the latter years, since Laser Plumbing started up, I've been using Roger and his crew, and I must say that I have found them very reliable and I've always been able to get them when I want them because they have a large staff, and the staff themselves are trustworthy, reliable and the workmanship I've always been very, very happy with. They are always on time, I never have to wait for them. I would be very happy to recommend Laser Plumbing East Tamaki to anyone else who was in need of a plumber."

Wayne Moxon



Hi, I'm Allen Lindsay from Highmark Homes. I've been asked by Laser Plumbing to tell them what I think of their business and well, it's all good stuff. I've been using Laser Plumbing right from the outset when Roger and Marc became Laser Plumbing East Tamaki.

revious to that, I've used Roger for 15 years plus, he's done all my own plumbing work so we have a good relationship here. So since they formed Laser Plumbing, they're two good guys who have formed a great team. They got a fantastic team of people behind them. In fact, I would say that they are probably one of the best contractors that we use as a company. We do mainly new builds so they do the plumbing, gas, drainage in our new houses. Great to deal with. They know what they're doing. When we want them there, they are there on time. All their guys are fantastic. In fact some of the staff have been with them for 15 years, so we have a good relationship here. What more can I say, a really good team of people to work with."

Allen Lindsay
Highmark Homes

I think the the quality of workmanship was outstanding as was the service provided by all of you and in particular Gary, who kept me informed at all times in a most friendly and knowledgeable manner. Regards."


On Friday we had a difficult job of  having to get a hose tap on to an existing finished wall.

Fortunately the plumber who turned up to do the job, Ray, was helpful and proactive and was only too willing to help solve the problem.

What could have been a huge drama for some plumbers was quickly and efficiently sorted with his help.

Thanks again."

Chris Ward
Style Construction (No.2) Ltd

I wanted to say how much I appreciated the service from laser plumbing and am happy for you to use my name.

From the very first contact with your firm I have had excellent service. A time to meet was arranged and it was a pleasure and surprise to have a tradesman arrive on the day and at the appointed time. The advice given was appropriate and clearly indicated a good understanding of the issues I had. The work was carried out on the day and at the time agreed even tho it was raining and most unpleasant. Much to my surprise the job was completed in a most professional way and without having to chase the tradesman.

Without doubt this experience with Laser plumbing has been most satisfying. The service was excellent. It was like a breath of fresh to have intelligent advice, prompt service, and the job completed without fuss, and without having to wait for weeks. To be confidant that a start date was given and adhered to has given me confidence to use Laser plumbing again."


We have been very impressed with the level of service, professionalism, speed and mostly the communication from your company and your staff. We have noticed prompt attendance, regular updates via phone and great work carried out by your staff.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, and we'd like to express our appreciation for the outstanding service you offer.

Many thanks and kind regards."

Eva Borra
Property Manager
Residential Rentals

Laser Plumbing has been our plumber of choice for several years. They have always provided a fast and professional service which has always been hassle-free and of the highest standard. All their staff are very friendly and polite and their workmanship is always of the highest standard. They have been fast in their response times and have always gone the extra mile. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Laser Plumbing to anyone requiring their services."

Jo McKay

Nothing's too hard for Laser Plumbing. The price, quality and service are simply the best. In fact the best I've ever come across. They gave me the most competitive price and what they quoted was exactly what I paid. How often does that happen? As for the quality... great workmanship, clean, tidy, respectful and no trouble at inspection time. How often does that happen? Finally, service is exactly what you get - right time, right place, all adds up to the right people. How often does that happen?

I'm Phil and I use Laser Plumbing East Tamaki. I've met the owner Roger and his team from Laser Plumbing. Roger is a man of his word. If he says it will be done, it will be! You're crazy if you don't use this professional team for your next project. They are the best!"

Bucklands Beach Auckland

Expedio is pleased to be able to recommend Laser Plumbing East Tamaki as our plumbing services supplier.

As an industrial property landlord and refurbisher of existing industrial buildings, it is essential that we have a service supplier that understands and delivers fast and appropriate levels of customer service.

We find Laser Plumbing East Tamaki to be organised and professional, and particularly pro-active in recommending appropriate solutions. They are able to think laterally when it comes to problem solving, and understand the necessity for planning and scheduling.

We are dependent on our service suppliers to ensure that our industrial buildings function appropriately for our tenants, and Laser Plumbing deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Expedio strongly believes that professionalism and communication are indispensable hallmarks of successful businesses.  Regrettably, many service suppliers don't deliver on either of these benchmarks – but Laser Plumbing East Tamaki certainly do.

Expedio has no hesitation in recommending their services."

Richard Keene
Expedio Industrial Property

After being in the building industry for 24 years and dealing with many different subcontractors, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Laser Plumbing East Tamaki in May 2011. I say pleasure because that's how I found them to deal with.

Since dealing with them and after over 100 houses together to date, I would say I am in a position to judge how they operate.

From the initial meetings prior to the project commencing through to the final product, I found them to be professional, meticulous with time management, organised, pays attention to detail and flexible when issues arise impacting on job progress. They have the ability to plan the job ahead so hopefully any potential problems, issues or unforeseen circumstances are eliminated.

Above all, their "can do" attitude makes them really stand out above others and reinforces why they are an integral part of the team I have building these projects.

I thoroughly recommend Laser Plumbing East Tamaki on your next project and I have the upmost faith in them to deliver on what you require. They work well with other sub-trades, paramount when trying to bring a project together.

One thing I haven't mentioned and must be said, they are a great bunch of easy going guys to deal with, no matter what aspect of the job you are involved with."

Charlie Meredith
Construction Supervisor
Millhouse Homes